Discover Culinary Delights of Las Vegas Buffets

The Famous Las Vegas Buffet Attractions

Las Vegas, a city renowned for its 24/7 wide open entertainment and culinary variety, offers an array of buffets catering to every palate. Visitors and locals alike find themselves enthralled by the diverse selection of cuisines available in these buffets. From traditional American dishes to exotic international flavors, these buffets in Las Vegas present a gastronomic journey like no other. Why settle for a single dish when you can indulge in a spread of culinary delights, each more enticing than the last?  As years go by, fewer buffets are available with only a few available  today, 


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Unbeatable Variety and Value of Buffet Dining in Las Vegas

Value is a key factor in the buffet experience in Las Vegas. With options ranging from affordable to luxurious, there’s a buffet to fit every budget. Imagine savoring an assortment of delectable dishes, all under one roof and at an unbeatable price. Isn’t it remarkable to have such a variety of choices at your fingertips? Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a lover of Italian cuisine, or a fan of classic American fare, these buffets cater to your every craving.

Buffets in Las Vegas: A Paradise for Food Lovers

For food enthusiasts, Las Vegas buffets are a paradise. These establishments not only offer a plethora of dining options but also a unique culinary experience. Have you ever marveled at a live cooking station, where chefs prepare dishes right before your eyes? Or reveled in the delight of unlimited servings of your favorite dessert? Las Vegas buffets provide these experiences, making each meal an adventure in itself.

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Las Vegas Buffets Destinations

In conclusion, buffets in Las Vegas are more than just dining options; they are an essential part of the Las Vegas experience. They offer not only a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the senses. As you plan your next visit to Las Vegas, consider the buffets a must-visit destination. Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey promising to be as thrilling as the city itself?

Buffet at Bellagio
* Address: Bellagio Hotel and Casino
* Brunch (Monday – Thursday): $44.99
* Brunch (Friday – Sunday): $49.99
* Dinner (with crab legs, Wednesday – Sunday): $66.99
* Bottomless Pours (wine, beer, select cocktails): Additional $24.99
* Phone:  702-693-7111

Buffet at Excalibur
* Address: Excalibur Hotel & Casino
* Brunch (Monday – Thursday): $28.99
* Brunch (Friday – Sunday): $31.99
* Phone:  702-597-7777

Buffet at Luxor
* Address: Luxor Hotel & Casino
* Brunch (Wednesday – Sunday): $28.99 (Wednesday & Thursday), $31.99 (Friday – Sunday)
* Phone:  702.262.4000

Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas
* Address: Wynn Las Vegas
* Brunch (8 am – 1 pm): $54.99
* Seafood Dinner (1 pm – 9 pm): $74.99
* Endless pours (beer, wine, mimosas): Additional $29.99 per person
* Phone:  702-770-7000

Circus Buffet at Circus Circus
* Breakfast Friday- Sunday: 7am – 11:30 Adults: $19.95 Kids Under 3: Free
Dinner  Friday- Sunday: 5p – 9p Adults: $19.95 Kids Under 3: Free
Phone:  702-734-0410

Garden Buffet at South Point
* Address: 
* Breakfast (Monday-Friday): $17.95
* Lunch (Monday-Thursday, Friday 11a-2p): $20.95
* Prime Rib & Champagne Bruch (Saturday & Sunday 8a-3p): $29.95
* Prime Rib Dinner (Saturday -Thursday 4p-9p): $29.95
* Seafood Night (Friday 3p-9p): $49.95
* Phone:  702-796-7111

Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station
* Address: Main Street Station Hotel & Casino
* Brunch (Weekdays): $23.99
* Brunch (Weekends): $26.99
* Dinner (Friday & Saturday): $32.99
* Phone:  702-387-1896

Market Place Buffet at JW Marriott Hotel Summerlin
* Located in Summerlin, about 15 miles from Vegas
* Lunch: (11 am – 2 pm Monday, Thursday and Friday) $19..95
* Dinner: (4 pm – 8 pm Thursday – Monday) 29.95+
* Brunch: (9 am – 2 pm Saturday and Sunday) 31.95
* Phone:  702-869-7777

MGM Grand Buffet
* Location: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
* Open: (8 am to 3 pm, Monday – Thursday $27.99, Friday – Sunday $36.99)
* Phone: +1 877-880-0880

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