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In Las Vegas, the casino, hotel and motel experience is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From luxurious resorts epitomizing opulence to cozy motels offering a more intimate experience, Las Vegas accommodates every preference and budget. Whether you are seeking the height of luxury or simple comfort, the city's casinos, hotels and motels promise a stay that is as memorable as it is comfortable. See the complete list of casino openings and closing since 1900 at the bottom of this page.

Experience Las Vegas' Casinos, Hotels and Motels

Las Vegas is home to some of the world's most iconic casinos, hotels and resorts. For those seeking a quieter, more personal experience, Las Vegas's motels provide comfort and convenience at affordable prices. As a city constantly evolving, Las Vegas also offers eco-friendly casino, hotel and motel options for environmentally conscious travelers. Whether you are in town for a conference, a romantic getaway, convention, or a family vacation, Las Vegas's casinos, hotels and motels cater to every occasion. From the lavish to the budget-friendly, every casino, hotel and motel is ready to welcome you with open arms and ensure your stay in Las Vegas is as comfortable as it is magically unforgettable.
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Casinos Las Vegas Area

This section has casinos located within Las Vegas city limits and the surrounding area
1st Las Vegas Guide, We List Only the Best, 1stLasVegasGuide.com

Hotels Las Vegas Area

This section has hotels located within Las Vegas city limits and the surrounding area
1st Las Vegas Guide, We List Only the Best, 1stLasVegasGuide.com

Motels Las Vegas Area

This section has motels located within Las Vegas city limits and the surrounding area
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Las Vegas Casino Openings & Closing

Casino’s Closing Dates

* Aladdin (hotel and casino): Closed in 1998.
*  Arizona Club – Closed in 1949
*  Barbary Coast Closed in 2007, became Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon, now The Cromwell
* Boardwalk Hotel and Casino: Closed on January 9, 2006.
* Bourbon Street Hotel and Casino: operational from 1985 until 2005.
* California Club (casino): 
* Castaways Hotel and Casino  Closed in 1987
* Clarion Hotel and Casino: (formerly known as Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Hotel) – Closed in 2014.
* Cotton Club (Las Vegas): 
* Desert Inn: Closed on August 28, 2000.
* Dunes Closed in 1993
* El Morocco (West Las Vegas)
El Rancho Vegas: Closed in 1960.
* Fiesta Henderson: Closed in 2020.
* Fiesta Rancho: Closed in 2020.
* Fitzgeralds Casino Hotel Las Vegas: Renamed as The D Las Vegas in 2012.
*  Four Queens – June 2, 1966 reopened
*  Frontier Closed in 2007
* Gold Spike (property): Casino operations ceased in 2013; now functions as a hotel and bar.
* Hacienda (resort): Closed in 1996.
* Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas): Closed in 2020; reopened as Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.
* Holy Cow Casino and Brewery: Closed in 2002.
*  Hotel Apache (now Binion’s Gambling Hall) – Closed in 2004, reopened in 2008
*  Hotel Nevada (now Golden Gate Hotel and Casino) – Closed in 1909, reopened in 1931
*  International Hotel (now Westgate Las Vegas) – July 2, 1969
* Key Largo (hotel and casino): Closed in 2005.
* Klondike Hotel and Casino: Closed its casino on June 28, 2006, and the hotel closed two days later on June 30, 2006 .
* La Bayou:  2016.
* Lady Luck Hotel & Casino: Closed on February 6, 2006, and later reopened as the Downtown Grand in 2013 .
*  Landmark (hotel and casino): Closed on August 8, 1990
* Las Vegas Club
*  Little Caesars Casino – Closed in 1994
* Louisiana Club
* Margaritaville Casino (Las Vegas)
* Marina Hotel and Casino – Closed in 1990
* Marina Hotel and Casino
* The Meadows Casino & Hotel
* Mermaids Casino
* The Mint Las Vegas
* Moulin Rouge – Closed in 1955
*  Nevada Palace Closed in 2008
* New Frontier Hotel and Casino – Closed in 2007
* Northern Club (casino)
* Old Vegas
* Opera House Casino
* Pair* O* Dice
* People’s Choice Casino
* Pioneer Club Las Vegas
* Queen of Hearts Hotel
* Riviera Closed in 2015.
* Royal Nevada
*  Sahara Las Vegas – Closed in 2011, reopened as SLS Las Vegas in 2014, renamed Sahara Las Vegas in 2019
*  Sands Closed in 1996.
* Showboat Hotel and Casino – Closed in 2000
* Silver City Casino – Closed in 1999
* Silver Slipper – Closed in 1988
* Silverbird Hotel and Casino – Closed in 1988
* South Coast Casino
* Space Quest Casino
* Stardust Resort and Casino – Closed in 2006
* Texas Station
*  Thunderbird Hotel and Casino – Closed in 1976, reopened in 1981, closed again in 1988
* Town Tavern (Las Vegas)
*  Union Plaza Hotel and Casino (now Plaza Hotel and Casino) – July 2, 1971
* Vacation Village
* Vegas World
* Western Hotel and Casino – Closed in 2012
* Westin Las Vegas
* Westward Ho Hotel and Casino – Closed in 2005
* Wild Wild West Gambling Hall & Hotel

Las Vegas Casino Currently Operating

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