Building Your Career in Accounting - Las Vegas Edition


by:  Aleksandra Svetina

If you like numbers, comparing and fiddling around with them, accounting might be a good career choice for you. Career in accounting offers a wide range of opportunities and can be incredibly rewarding.

Understanding the Field

In simple words, businesses without accounting couldn’t function properly. Accounting provides overview on the financial health of the businesses, enabling stakeholders to make the right decisions.

 Accounting department also makes sure businesses follow all the regulations and comply with tax laws.

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Getting Ready


With proper education, starting a career in accounting is easier. For most positions a bachelor’s degree in accounting (or related field) is required. Many colleges also offer special accounting programs. To name a few: taxation, auditing, financial accounting, etc… If you really want to increase your chances and aim for better paying jobs additional education is required. It comes in the form of certifications. One of the most known is CPA (Certified Public Accountant) but there are also others like: CMA ( Certified Management Accountant) or CIA (Certified Internal Auditor).


Almost any job requires some experience but everyone must start somewhere. During the school internships are a great way to gain them. Many accounting firms offer internship programs providing you direct experience and opportunity to network with other professionals in the business. Roles like staff accountant or junior auditor are entry-level positions providing a base to apply your knowledge in the real-world.

Building Your Skills

Skills, apart from education and experience, are also very helpful. Let’s name them few and why are they important:

  • Analytical Skills: Analyzing financial data to be able identify trends, mistakes, and opportunities.
  • Attention to Detail: Because small errors can have significant consequences, accuracy is a king.
  • Communication Skills: Being able to communicate financial information clearly to clients and colleagues.
  • Technical Knowledge: Knowing and understanding software and other IT technology related to accounting.
  • Ethical Standards: Following strict ethical guidelines and maintaining integrity in their work is required without exceptions.

Career Options

There are different paths in accounting career and some of the most common are:

  • Public Accounting: Providing services like auditing, tax preparation, and consulting clients are part of their tasks. Following this option can lead to roles as audit manager or partner in a firm.
  • Corporate Accounting: Corporate accountants work for businesses. Taking care of financial records and preparing reports is their focus. A big part of responsibilities is also making sure businesses comply with all the regulations and policies. Progression in career can lead to positions such as controller or CFO (Chief Financial Officer).
  • Government Accounting: If you want to work close to the government this might be a perfect choice for you. Main tasks of government accountants are supervising use of public funds and compliance with regulations. Positions can range from budget analyst to auditor general.
  • Nonprofit Accounting: Nonprofit organizations also require accounting services. Some roles in this sector include positions as financial manager or compliance officer.
  • Specializations: If you want to go wild, you can specialize in specific areas. Some options are forensic , environmental, or international accounting.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

With new technologies, standards and regulations showing up all the time it is important to stay current with all the changes. Many professional organizations offer courses and other resources for ongoing education. If you take part in these activities you will be informed about any changes and will keep touch with other colleagues in the accounting industry.

Networking and Mentorship

In an attempt to build your network, join accounting organizations, participate in local business groups and attend industry events. Like in any other line of business, networking is important for progress in your career. Finding a mentor might also be very helpful. Mentor providing you with advice, guidance and support can help you challenge all the obstacles crossing your way and ease the progress of your career path.

Work-Life Balance

Accounting can be demanding, especially during tax season or the end of the fiscal year. Despite these hurdles it also offers opportunities for a balanced lifestyle. Many accounting firms and companies recognize the importance of work-life balance and offer flexible work arrangements. For example remote work or flexible hours might relieve some stress. Managing stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance should not be neglected in achieving long-term success and personal well-being.



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