Southwest Gas in Las Vegas

Natural Gas and Las Vegas

Southwest Gas Company stands as a key player in providing natural gas services to Las Vegas, Nevada, a city known for its dynamic energy and bustling lifestyle. Established with a commitment to reliability and customer service, Southwest Gas plays a crucial role in fueling homes, businesses, and industries across the vibrant Las Vegas Valley. Their dedication to sustainable and efficient energy solutions complements the city’s rapid growth and ever-evolving energy needs.

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With a focus on safety, innovation, and community engagement, Southwest Gas Company not only ensures a steady supply of natural gas but also actively contributes to the local community’s development. Their services extend beyond mere utility provision; they are integral to the daily lives of residents and the operational success of businesses in Las Vegas. Southwest Gas continues to adapt and grow, mirroring the city’s own trajectory towards a sustainable and energized future.


Contact Southwest Gas in Las Vegas

Customer Solutions
Phone:  877-860-6020 Monday – Friday 7a-6p PST (excluding holidays).

Make  a Payment
Mail payments to:
Southwest Gas
P.O. Box 24531
Oakland, CA 94623-1531

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