Las Vegas Detention Centers: A Comprehensive Guide

Key Insights into Las Vegas Detention Facilities

Las Vegas, a city renowned for its dynamic nightlife and bustling casinos, also encompasses a network of detention centers integral to its judicial framework. These centers, vital for maintaining law and order, range from the Clark County Detention Center to the City of Las Vegas Detention Center, each with its specific function and set of rules.

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The Role and Importance of Detention Centers

Detention centers in Las Vegas are not merely holding facilities but crucial elements of the criminal justice system. They ensure the smooth functioning of legal processes, offering modern amenities while adhering to strict security standards. These centers handle everything from temporary detainment to longer-term holding of individuals awaiting trial or serving short sentences.


Locations of Las Vegas Area Detention Center

Las Vegas Detention Center

Phone Number:
For inquiries, call 702-229-6444, and select option 3.
Address: The specific address isn’t listed in the search results, indicating you may need to contact them directly for location details.
Key Note: This center deals with information about inmates housed within the city of Las Vegas Detention Center.


Clark County Detention Center

Phone Number: General inquiries and inmate search can be made at 702-671-3900.
Address: 330 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101.
Email: For detailed queries, reach out to ccdc@lvmpd.com.
Key Note: This center provides comprehensive services, including inmate searches and general information.


City Of Las Vegas Detention Center

Phone Number: For any queries, dial 702-229-6444.
Address: Located at 3300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101.
Key Note: It is important to note this is a separate facility from the Clark County Detention Center.


Navigating Visitation and Legal Procedures

For those looking to visit detainees or seeking legal representation, understanding the operational protocols of these centers is essential. Each facility has its visitation schedule, communication policies, and legal procedure guidelines. Familiarizing yourself with these rules can greatly ease the process of connecting with detainees or navigating legal complexities.


Accessibility and Contact Information

Accessibility is a key aspect of Las Vegas’s detention centers. They are designed to be approachable for family members, legal representatives, and other visitors. Detailed contact information, visitation hours, and specific regulations can typically be found by calling the facilities.

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