Tips for Keeping Your Exotic Car in Top Shape - Las Vegas Edition


by:  White Wolf 

Exotic cars require special attention due to special engineering, materials and technology being used. It is good to follow some basic guidelines on how to maintain your exotic car and keep it in top shape.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Exotic cars are not exempt from regular maintenance. Regular and routine oil changes and inspection of other fluids and parts is important to keep your exotic in drive ready shape. 

It is not rare for exotics using special performance parts. They might  wear out faster and need special attention. In order to keep maintenance on track, a strict schedule of regular maintenance is recommended by professionals.

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Use the Right Fluids

Pay attention to manufacturer prescribed fluids for exotic cars. On first glance fluids might look the same but be careful on all the specifications and standards required to be met. Using incorrect fluids might damage your car therefore do not neglect the requirements.

Protect the Exterior

Regular washing and waxing is basic for protecting the exterior of the car. In recent times special ceramic protections for the car’s paint coat are becoming popular and they work very well. Make sure to use high quality products to avoid damaging the paint. Protecting the vehicle from direct weather impact is equally important, therefore keep the car in protected, covered space.

Store Properly

Ideally would be to keep it in a climate-controlled garage protecting it from extreme temperatures and humidity. If a climate-controlled environment isn’t available, use of a high-quality car cover is an alternative.

Drive Regularly

One of the worst things you can do to any car is not to drive it. So called “garage queens” usually have the most problems. If a car sits for extended periods of time a lot of rubber components dry out, not getting any lubrication and heat as in driving conditions. Sitting cars usually develop strange oil leaks and produce flat spots on tires. So don’t hesitate, drive your exotic and enjoy it.

 Monitor Tire Health

If we are talking about high performance exotics the attention to the tire heath is vital. Tires are only contact between a car and a road and in fast cars they must handle a lot. Many manufacturers develop special tires for performance vehicles and they do wear out faster. In many cases the rotations are not possible due to the different sizes of wheels and tires. Pay attention if you notice any change in handling of the car and inspect thread and air pressure regularly.

Pay Attention to the Interior

Regular cleaning and conditioning of the interior will prevent its fading, cracking or other damage. Using proper cleaning products for specific materials is a must. Exotic cars use high end materials for their interiors, therefore do not go cheap on the cleaning products for them..

Schedule Professional Inspections

Even if you do regular maintenance yourself, it is recommended to bring the car in to professionals from time to time. Specialists can spot the issues early and they also carry any special tools needed for special jobs. With electronics playing a big part in modern cars, professional shops carry the computers capable of diagnosing and programming the car.

Keep Software Up to Date

As mentioned before, modern cars are controlled by computer systems. Updates of the software will keep your car safe and perform in the best way possible. Check for the updates and let the professionals install them on your car.

Mind Your Driving Habits

Treat your exotic car special. Based on parts and technology being used in exotic cars they do differ a lot from daily cars. When you start driving your exotic car, let it warm up slowly. All the components must achieve their working temperature. When all the gauges are in green, you are good to go and push the car to the limits. When you stop having crazy fun, make sure not to turn off the car immediately. Let it cool off for a minute or two and lubricate all the parts. The cooling off is especially recommended for all turbo engine cars.

Invest in Quality Parts

Always go for high-quality parts, recommended by the manufacturer. Using cheap or substandard parts can compromise the car’s performance and safety. It might be tempting to save money on parts, but the long-term costs can be far higher if they cause damage or underperform.

Enjoy Responsibly

Remember, an exotic car is meant to be enjoyed. Take the time to appreciate its performance and craftsmanship, drive it often and responsibly. Do go crazy with it, but make sure you are in the correct place for doing it. Showing off in crowded areas usually brings a negative impact on image and unsafe driving provokes accidents. Enjoy your car to the fullest with a thought you want to enjoy in it for many years to come.


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