Exotic Cars and Their Celebrity Owners: Who Drives What? - Las Vegas Edition


by:  White Wolf 

Celebrities are a special kind of people. Matching their lifestyle and presence nothing suits them better than exotic cars. Therefore, most of them invest in exotic cars and drive them around. They like to be seen in them. With extraordinary design, powerful engines and cutting-edge technology they blend perfectly with celebrities’ luxurious life. Let’s mention a few of them and present their rides.

Bugatti Veyron – Tom Cruise

Our Top Gun boy Tom Cruise is a proud owner of a Bugatti Veyron. This crazy fast car develops over 1000 horsepower from its W16 engine. Huge power and torque can push the Bugatti north of 250 mph. As you can imagine, the Veyron does not come cheap. Price tag is exceeding $1.5 million. Honestly, Tom can afford the price and can you imagine Maverick in any car not capable of going as fast as a jet.

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Lamborghini Aventador – Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano is a world famous soccer player. Starting his career as a young boy he quickly became one of the best soccer players in the world. Now he owns an impressive collection of exotic cars but his Aventador stands out. As fitting to a person, getting paid several millions per year just for kicking a ball around, his Lamborghini is customized. He chose a custom paint job and the interior is custom made suiting his personal style.  All the customizations make this V12 powered Lambo one of a kind.

Ferrari LaFerrari – Justin Bieber

Looking at young music stars driving around in their supercars makes me regret I didn’t try harder in a choir. Well I missed my chance but I am happy for them. Bieber’s LaFerrari is a hybrid supercar. The high performance V12 engine is combined with an electric motor. Combination of both deliver 950 horsepower guaranteeing amazing performance. With its design, performance and exclusivity makes it a perfect fit for the young star. Ferrari honestly did a great job making this car unique. Therefore it is placed high on the wish lists of prominent people.

McLaren P1 – Jay Leno

Former late-night talk show host is well known in the supercar world. His collection of cars is huge and very impressive. It would not be fair if we do not mention him in this article. I picked his McLaren P1, a hybrid supercar combining V8 engine with electric motor providing breathtaking performance. Design is modern and sleek. Materials used to build the car are lightweight and top notch. P1 is also a direct competitor to the previously mentioned Ferrari LaFerrari. Like mentioned, this McLaren is just one of the many cars Mr. Leno owns and to cover more from his collection we could dedicate several articles just to him.

Rolls-Royce Phantom – Beyonce

Luxury cars like Phantom are a perfect fit for a music diva. Car is all about luxury and sophistication. Ride is very comfortable and the interior offers nothing but the best handcrafted materials. No wonder Beyonce picked Roller as her glamor carriage. Car reflects Beyonce’s’ passion for elegance and success. With a not so modest price tag starting at $0.5 million, yes you have to be successful to own one.

Aston Martin DB11 – Daniel Craig

What other car fits James Bond more Than Aston? You are right, none. There is no surprise Daniel Craig picked up a car fitting his role as 007. His DB11 is a perfect tool to fight the guys who want to take over the world. Powered by a V12 engine car can achieve speeds over 200 mph and with elegant interior the Astom Martin will impress all the Bond’s girls. With prices starting over $200,000 I am sure Daniel would prefer if MI6 would pay for his car.

Porsche 918 Spyder – Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry’s character in his sitcom was a huge fan of Saab, but in real life he is a Porsche enthusiast. He has a vast collection of Porsches and one stands out in terms of hypercars. His Porsche 918 is equipped with a V8 engine combined with electric motors. Total horsepower count is 887, putting it neck to neck with McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. 

Tesla Model S – Leonardo DiCaprio

I know I know,… We can see Model S on almost any corner of our city. But pay attention, not all Tesla Model S are the same. Plaid edition is a car with unmatchable performance and producing zero emissions. Imagine going from 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds?! No wonder Tesla suits Leo’s environmental commitments perfectly. Minimalist design, great technology and impressive range align well with DiCaprio’s eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising on style and performance. We can understand better now why Tesla Model S is on our list of exotic cars driven by prominent people.

Pagani Huayra – Lewis Hamilton

Pagani is equipped with a twin-turbo V12 engine, built by AMG, delivering more than 700 horsepower. It is an engineering masterpiece featuring the most advanced active aerodynamic technology. Huayra is a pleasure to drive  on open roads and race track. Who better can fit in Pagani than an F1 legend? Lewis’s Huayra is customized to his wishes, fitting his personality and style in full. At least we can be sure he will push the car to the limits sometimes

Koenigsegg Regera – Floyd Mayweather

The Swedish crown jewel of supercars is engineering marvel. With hybrid technology Regera develops 1500 horsepower. Among other technical inventions a single speed transmission is worth mentioning. Transmission enables the car to accelerate extremely fast without the feeling of rev-matching and elasticity. Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is one of the few lucky owners of this amazing piece of art. Maybe when he is in Vegas he can take us for a ride?

Maserati GranTurismo – Jennifer Lopez

Still until today, the Maserati GT is arguably the best sounding V8 car. Timeless elegant design stayed mostly unchanged on the market for more than 12 years. Granturismo is not a pure sports car as many mistakenly think. It is exactly what the name suggests: a grand tourer. With his roaring torquing engine, borrowed from Ferrari (but re-tuned), it is a perfect cruising machine for crossing continents. Multi-talented elegant lady as Jenifer Lopez suits in this beautiful coup perfectly. No wonder she owns one.

Bentley Continental GT – David Beckham

Another soccer legend on our list is showing his age a little bit. Just looking at his choice of car, you can tell he decided to go a more calm way. Bentley is still a super fast and impressive car but at the same time offers great comfort and luxury. It is a perfect fit for active gentlemen who appreciate dynamic lifestyle and excellent craftsmanship. David Beckham is a prime example of a potential buyer of this sporty Bentley model.

Audi R8 – Robert Downey Jr.

Audi R8 is a close cousin to a Lamborghini Gallardo. Both cars share the platform and a lot of technology, from engines to the electric switches. R8 is not slower or weaker than a Lambo but is a less flashy version of the same supercar. As many celebrities also Robert customized his Audi R8 to reflect his personal style.


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